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I am looking for a collaborator for Skillando

About Skillando:

Skillando is a platform that allows the Millennials generation with digital skills to actively contribute to the development and acceleration of projects in the social context in African Countries.

The exchange of skills takes place in favour of hospitality (food and accommodation) for a period defined in common agreement with those who receive the professional service.

From writing a blog post to designing a social media campaign, from creating a website to offering legal assistance to vulnerable groups…

the idea of Skillando is that anyone can give their time and talent to support a cause that is close to their heart and thus generate social value.

Skillando: volunteer working holidays for digital skilled people


Push and incentive new generations to use their experiences, skills, ideas, entrepreneurial spirit and imagination to facilitate and accelerate the development of solutions to problems in the social context in the African territory.

The story of Skillando:

Skillando was born during the program in Social Innovation Management of Amani Institute (Nairobi) during the second session of 2017.

During this immersive program, the problem, causes and a prototype platform was identified and subsequently tested to collect feedback and insights from users and their stakeholders.

The prototype platform was entirely realized during the program in Nairobi and, to date, about twenty-five organizations operating in the social context have been profiled.


Who I’m looking for and why:

If you feel talented and eager to build this project from scratch with me, if you want to push yourself beyond your comfort zone, if you have an interest in learning something new every day, if you want to participate in a social impact project, if you have always wanted to become a changemaker and make your own contribution to change …

fill out this short online form

and tell me something about yourself, your personal story and your passions: I will contact you again for a skype call!

You must have good public relations skills, be able to collaborate remotely (Slack and Trello), be familiar with social media (Linkedin, Facebook) and basics in WordPress.

Excellent personal organisation skills, periodic updates and scheduling of common activities are required.


You’ll have to look after the research and on-boarding of Nairobi-based organizations, their profiling, the definition of digital support needs and creation of their respective profiles on the platform.

This role requires excellent public relations skills, interpersonal relationships and sensitivity to the world of social innovation.

About me:

My name is Filippo, I am founder of Skillando, I have a background as an engineer and industrial designer, I am co-founder of Amyko (Italian award-winning startup that has collected several investment rounds and still on the e-health market, Italian patent holder) and I have a master’s degree in Growth Hacking at the Innovation School of Talent Garden.

I participated in the startup school of Y-Combinator (Startup School is a free 10-week massively open online course (MOOC) by Y Combinator)

I won Startup Bus in 2013, K-idea of Kilometro Rosso in 2014 and Sanofi Genzyme’s contest in 2016.

I carry out mentoring activities for startup by disseminating and applying Growth Hacking and are ambassadors of Impact School.

I was invited to the Chamber of Deputies and Singularity University to present my social projects.

I lived in Africa five months where I attended the program in Social Innovation promoted by Amani Institute and where I started to develop Skillando testing the model personally, helping free of charge different organizations. org and teaching coding to the guys of Kibera ghetto.

You can view my  Linkedin profile, read some postings about my projects on my blog or download my personal resume.


Filippo Scorza
Filippo Scorza
Sono un digital enthusiast, ho un transponder sotto pelle, faccio volontariato digitale nei paesi in via di sviluppo e mi piacciono i progetti in beta!